We are an industry-leading team of mobile and web development experts with years of hands-on experience.



performant and elegant web apps

Based on thorough analytics and intelligent information architecture, we design and build user-centric web apps structured around elegantly designed API's. The interface is the product - we ensure the interaction feels right and keep your users in mind every step of the way.

prototyping and MVP's

Building minimum viable products (MVP's) is a solid approach to test new ideas and create feedback to sharpen your product or market fit. Our extensive knowledge and modular approach allows us to quickly create prototypes, helping to validate your idea or setup.

social API integration

The heartbeat of your brand, product or event is now online. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of social media API's, and an impressive team of developers, we can seamlessly integrate any social network into your applications.

hybrid and native mobile applications

We think about, design, build and optimise mobile applications. Whether you need a cross platform hybrid or native approach we have the tools and experience to get the job done right. Combined with a cloud API, these mobile applications can be an extension of a bigger solution for your organisation.

cloud API

We build lean, high performance RESTful API's for your application, using 3-layer architecture for serious scalability and security. This API can serve websites, applications, mobile apps or other services, and is tailor made and clearly documented for internal and external usage.

open source experts

We love open source technologies and that's good news for our partners. Freedom, flexibility and open standards means never being limited by proprietary formats. Our clients enjoy the low cost solutions as we leverage the security and quality of open source technology.

applications for mobile & web

Our development team has a detailed understanding of the various platforms, tools and technologies involved in mobile and web: HTML5, Objective-C, AndroidSDK, Cocos2D, OpenGL, Sparrow, .NET, Sencha Mobile, Knockout.js, Ember.js, Angular.js, Bootstrap, PHP, Python, MySQL, SQL Server, JQuery, Java, C# and more.

mobile game development

Technical challenges easily become opportunities when you work with AppSquire Consulting. Our developers and designers strike the right balance between your ideas, mobile platforms and the desired user experience. We help your project come to fruition – whether it's a native mobile application, a Unity3D crossplatform game or an HTML5 app.

custom website development

We create high quality, responsive websites using the latest tools and practices to maximize efficiency, allowing us to focus on your brand or product. With our wide skill set we are able to choose the correct technology stack for the job. From HTML5 or the latest JavaScript framework to WordPress or custom PHP, our developers have you covered.

mobile app support

Mobile app maintenance can be a tricky process where a single mistake can cost you lost users and lost revenue. That's why we provide specialized services, applying our experience with game and backend optimisations, advertising networks and SDK integrations to your apps. We can ease the pain of supporting existing titles while you go back to work on your next big idea.




apache 215x83





The Network Media Hub (NMH) is a network-attached storage (NAS) device which promises quick and easy setup, and an intuitive interface for storing and consuming media files of all types. AppSquire developed a web-based user interface which was visually appealing and responsive, letting the powerful hardware shine through.



Watching an idea go from planning and development to the final product is always exciting. With the NMH device, our developers also enjoyed the opportunity to work with custom, pre-release hardware, which brings another level of excitement. Of course, in such an environment there are challenging moments and not everything goes according to plan. On a regular basis we were integrating the latest firmware, connecting or upgrading features and pushing our way through new bugs. With strict deadlines we needed to make sure we hit every one of our targets. Our quality assurance process helped us meet and exceed these expectations, and we provided feedback to the design team which ended up improving the final release. When issues arose, whether it was due to network configurations, firmware versions or encountering bugs during development, AppSquire was ready to respond. Our sophisticated approach to agile methodologies means catching issues as they happen, and tracking changes so solutions can be effectively communicated.




Working with Cisco engineers was wonderful and the feeling was mutual. After the successful launch of the NMH, AppSquire continued to develop web-based interfaces for Linksys routers and tools to manage firmware updates. Our favorite projects are those which evolve into lasting relationships, both professional and personal.


yerdy10-crop (1)


Knowledge is power, and information is key, the trouble is how do you go from having piles of data to a thorough understanding of what it all means? Yerdy is an analytics toolbox which helps alert you quickly to potential revenue crushing problems in your mobile apps and games, letting you focus on making great products.



Yerdy is a collaborative project between AppSquire and Fluik Entertainment, freely available with an open source SDK for native iOS, Android and Unity apps.

Developing Yerdy has been an enjoyable process. Every new feature unlocks new insights into the real-time state of each game, giving us actionable information which would have taken hours or days of analysis. While the mathematical algorithms involved were challenging to develop and integrate, using Yerdy to catch issues affecting revenue, retention and user satisfaction as they happen is extremely satisfying and allows us to resolve problems in record time.

From time zone dependent notifications to geocoded metrics, building up the feature set of Yerdy has been a story of tackling big problems. The results speak for themselves.


yerdy_pageimage_sml-crop (1)


As a game publisher, issues like advertisements failing to load or incompatibilities with new devices and OS versions can be very costly if they aren’t caught immediately. Yerdy has alerted us to issues that are about to become serious problems, such as expiring certificates, resulting in stable products which earn the confidence of their users. Together with Fluik Entertainment, we continue to evolve the platform, giving us the advantage in the competitive mobile space.




Alphie is on a mission! Help him survive, and find his way to the depths of the sea. Navigating as a squid through several adventure based puzzles with points of sea life education mixed in, this project is a great expression of art and education with an emphasis on fun gameplay.



Sometimes projects can get out of hand, and while we don’t have a lot of firsthand experience, we do occasionally receive projects in such a state from clients in desperate need of rescue. Alphie the Squid was in such a state when we were contacted by Crystal Entertainment, with a code base that was optimized for desktop rather than mobile performance.

In fact, at that time the game was not only too large for any mobile marketplace but the resources consumed by the title made it entirely unplayable. Even on the most powerful phone in the office we experienced single digit frame rates, after almost 10 minutes of loading!

Thankfully, the story got better as soon as we started development. We presented a long list of optimizations that would immediately improve the gameplay experience. This wasn’t the first time we were faced with the constraints of mobile devices and we knew exactly what needed to be addressed.




Keeping the constraints of the production environment in mind through the development process is always a high priority for us, but even when we are faced with significant efficiency issues we have the expertise and knowledge to make the project great again.




There's a Jerk in every office. A know-it-all, overachiever who comes in early, stays late and kisses up to the boss. Built by the AppSquire team for Fluik Entertainment, the Office Jerk franchise has been a big hit with mobile gamers.



After celebrating the success of the initial release it was time to get back to work. Having a successful title puts stress on many of the systems associated with the project, either making sure the backend can scale to support the user base or tracking user experience and effective monetisation.

Supporting different advertising networks and mediation frameworks in the mobile ecosystem is often confusing. And with so much on the line it’s important to do it right. Through trial and error, we developed an impressive toolset which is still evolving and used in our projects today.

Often it’s not enough to simply maintain the existing title, adding content in the months following a release helps keep the experience fresh. We streamlined a number of our workflow processes to ensure new content updates were frequent and impressive, while minimizing the time spent on configuration and deployment.




We’ve learned that success brings its own challenges, and we’re ready to leverage that experience with your projects and big ideas. Our advertising network integration experience continues to benefit each of the projects we work on, and our attention to detail ensures that every project is professionally executed.



Victor, Director & CEO

Started a "web 2.0" software development work for hire consultancy that ran from 2005 to 2011.  In 2009, he put together a small game division to make mobile games.  In 2011, they had their first major hit on IOS and Android and their focus shifted to making games rather than developing products for others.  In 2013, their focus shifted again to a more balanced approach - they provide top notch mobile, web and tablet development services for clients, while still continuing to make games and supporting our existing range of mobile games and apps.

Victor handles project management, client relations, publishing, game production, user acquisition, product development and running the company.


Curtis, Chief Operations Officer &

Senior Systems Developer

Curtis is a graduate from the University of Alberta (2008) with extensive background in software engineering, process optimization, artificial intelligence and data analysis.  His professional interests are learning new technologies and approaches, and pursuing innovation. As COO at Appsquire, Curtis acts as mentor and leader to the team and manages day to day operations.


Chris, Senior Developer

Graduated from NAIT in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology and has been working in the field since. As a software developer my primary focus has been in Android Development, Java and C# but I also work in HTML, CSS, ActionScript 3, Flex, SilverLight, MySQL, JavaScript, Jquery, Aurelia, PHP and others. He has also received Flex 3 ACE certification from Adobe.


Mobile and Web Developer


We are now hiring talented and motivated individuals who are looking for the chance to create great applications.  We specialize in the newest technologies from mobile applications to cloud computing, our clients come from all industries and our projects are extremely diverse.  If you're looking to jump start your career we'd love to hear from you.

You are: 
- able to learn new technologies quickly
- experienced with multiple programming languages
- an expert in at least one of these programming languages: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, C#, Swift, Objective-C, C++
- not afraid to ask questions and eager to learn from others

We are:
- an Edmonton based software consultancy with over a decade of consistent excellence in the industry
- energetic, innovative and customer focused

We offer full time employment with health benefits and a competitive salary.

If this opportunity interests you, please send an email to info[at] and type "Mobile and Web Developer" in the Subject heading.


Unity 3D Developer


We are seeking Unity3D developers to join our game development team.  The ideal candidate has multiple years of working experience, and an eagerness to learn and share best practices.  Mobile game experience is a plus.

- strong aptitude in the Unity3D engine
- excellent C# programming skills
- familiarity with source control (Git), working experience on a development team
- not afraid to ask questions and eager to learn from others

Applicants with the following will be considered first:
- experienced programmer in other domains (for example native iOS or Android development) 
- excellent collaborative communication skills
- willing to learn new techniques and skills on the job

We offer full time employment with health benefits and a competitive salary.

If this opportunity interests you, please send an email to info[at] and type "Unity3D Developer" in the Subject heading.


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